Thursday, February 28, 2013


at the home of  Jessica Donald of Parrish Watson Design

1.      I created a gallery wall in my Living Room, using an old wooden Chinese screen as the focal point.  I bought the screen at an auction and it’s one of my favorite pieces that makes a big statement.  I have hung random pieces of art around it, including a painting from my parents by New Orleans artist Jean Geraci, a landscape by an Alabama artist, a tiny vintage portrait found on ebay and a cactus print picked up at the Georgetown Flea Market in Washington, DC.

2.      Years ago at a friend’s wedding, an artist was cutting silhouettes at the reception as favors.  My husband and I both got ours done and I had a calligrapher write our names on them before they were framed.  Last year, I had my son’s silhouette cut and framed it the same way.  The silhouette of our cat was a gift and the Scottie is vintage.  Our whole family is represented in the hallway!

3.      I have a thing for black and white stripes.  In addition to my Living Room table skirt, I have black and white striped bamboo chairs and a black and white striped chaise lounge in the Den.  I view stripes as a neutral!

4.      The rug in my Guest Room is one of my favorite pieces since my husband and I bought it on our honeymoon in Turkey.  It’s been in my Entry, Master Bedroom and Kitchen since the shades of pink, blue and green work well all over the house.  The ikat chair was picked up at a garage sale in DC and adds a fun punch of color to the room.

5.      I bought this pair of chrome x stools at an estate sale when I was eight months pregnant.  I couldn’t even lift them but I was not leaving without them! I had the ugly 1980’s blue chenille taken off and added a favorite animal print that compliments the sleek bases.

6.      My mother has collected blue and white for thirty years and I was lucky enough to have some of her pieces passed along to me.  In the Breakfast Room I hung plates, platters and bowls and while some are old and some are not, I love the mix on our blue walls.

7.      A trio of ladies resides in our Den.  I found these vintage portraits on ebay, etsy and at estate sales and had them put in similar frames at Hobby Lobby.  People always ask if I know them…I don’t, but it’s fun to imagine who they were.

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  1. So interesting! I have such admiration for people that have such an open and artistic mind. I can't wait for Parrish Watson Design to do my house!