Catherine Tucker and Jessica Donald met in 1997 as Interior Design students at Auburn University.  They became fast friends while pulling all-nighters in the design workrooms of Spidle Hall and bonding over their love of classic interiors. 

After college, their lives took them to Nashville, Birmingham, New Orleans and Washington, DC.  Catherine worked as an interior designer focusing on Healthcare, Educational and Commercial design with Earl Swensson Associates in Nashville, Business Interiors and Office Environments in Birmingham.  Jessica managed residential projects at Holden & Dupuy in New Orleans and Thomas Pheasant, Inc. in Washington, DC before taking a job as a personal assistant.

Catherine favors French antiques and calming palettes, while Jessica loves a pop of color and mixing old with new.  Together, they bring a fresh perspective to creating livable interiors that stand the test of time.

Now both living in Birmingham, these two friends formed Parrish Watson to share their unique aesthetic through interior design, custom pillows and furniture and decorative objects.   

Parrish Watson is named for Catherine and Jessica’s first born children, Anne Parrish and John Watson.